Scotland's Highland Coast

The west coast of Scotland is one of this most tranquil and picturesque coastlines in the United Kingdom. The gentle shorelines, lapping water, and remote islands which dot the horizon evoke feelings of wistfulness and reflection. This is a part of the country which has not changed with the times, and any given scene could be difficult to date.

However, there’s an added beauty to this part of Scotland's Atlantic coastline – coastal waters are clean with strongly reflecting white sands, which means the crystal clear blue waters resemble something you may more closely associate with the tropics. While, the waters don’t share the same temperature as the those in the Caribbean, though, can it can be refreshing and fulfilling to take a dip all the same.

The best place to see these Scottish landscapes is between Arisaig, Morar, and Mallaig, which are located at the railhead leading from Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. An easy and enjoyable way to get there is by the daily excursion train from Fort William, a two hour steam hauled excursion service. However, if you want to spend more time, then it may be advisable to travel by car and enjoy some of the more quaint accommodations.


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