Scarborough Photography

As a boy, I was no stranger to Scarborough – a Yorkshire seaside town that was invaded by tourists that had not yet been sold on the rising popularity of holidays in Spain. The sights and sounds are as vivid for me today as they were in the 1980’s: the hamburgers, the seagulls, the amusement arcades, the fish markets, waffles, donkey rides, the funicular railways, and the quaint bed & breakfast hotels. Experiences in your formative years live with a person for an eternity, and in this case they remain undiluted by virtue of a near 25-year gap between visits.

I returned in 2014 with my own family for a few days and stayed in a Regency styled hotel overlooking the North Bay. It was odd to find that very little had changed about Scarborough in the intervening years; except that the hoards of holiday makers were absent. More disturbing, the fond memories I had of this once great seaside resort were replaced with the stark realization that certain of the peculiarities of the town that I had yearned to experience again now seemed tired and worn out. For various reasons, the harbour was not longer a hive of activity; the fish markets and the throngs of fishing trawlers were also absent.

However, the overall setting was as picturesque as ever. The Victorian and Georgian structures huddled around the steep inclines beneath and around the castle on the south and north bays are still a pleasant as they were a generation earlier. Scarborough will likely never regain the popularity it had in its heyday, but for me at least, enough of Scarborough remains that it is still the perfect place to come for a tourist intent on talking a walk through your own youth.


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