Oceanside Pier Sunset

Any holiday or vacation is truly fulfilling if I come with a memory card full of great photographs; particularly landscapes. As such, while our Thanksgiving 2015 trip to California was a thrilling experience, it was one box that had not been ticked. Unexpectedly, though, a bathroom break for the kids required a detour off the interstate while heading north from San Diego to our airport hotel in Los Angeles. We landed in Oceanside at sunset, and the beachfront sight that opened up in front of us was just perfect.

The sun was in the process of diving down over the horizon behind the Oceanside Pier, and I joined a throng of photographers and surfers as we took full advantage of the conditions. Several hundred shots later, I sat down on the beach to take in the sight with my own eyes, rather than through the viewfinder and found that I had gotten that once last level of fulfillment that I had missed after a week in California.

All of these images were taken hand-held; with my tripod having collapsed on day one of the trip. However, the ambient light was such that there was enough light entering the lens to keep the shutter speed at 1/200s to 1/400s. Minimal edits were required in post-processing, as is often the case in such conditions. Save for some chromatic aberrations and some contrast tweaks, most of these images as “straight out the camera”.


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