Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston has a skyline that almost matches some of the best in the United States. One of the most striking features of this skyline is that the big towers are generally arranged along two principal interesting lines. This means that when you view the skyline from the correct angle, it can dominate the horizon as well as any other big city. As such, when viewed at dusk or after dark, the sporadic rows and dots of lit up office windows is fully in evidence, creating that iconic look that screams big city corporate America.

There are a number of vantage points to capture downtown Houston skyline images, but it can a struggle. The truly best locations are complicated by their proximity to the less desirable parts of town, and when you are carrying expensive camera equipment, this can be an honest and legitimate factor. If you don’t want to push your luck in this regard, then the best locations to shoot the skyline are on Buffalo Bayou, in front of the Hobby Center; and from two locations on the Allen Parkway and Memorial Boulevard.


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