Coronado Hotel

Thanksgiving in 2015 was spent at the Coronado Hotel near San Diego. It was my first experience of the Pacific Ocean coast and southern California, and as a photography opportunity, it was particularly interesting.

Although I didn’t have a working tripod, my low-light ability using the camera hand-held was just about up to scratch. It was just as well, as the storm that crossed the shoreline to the south by the Mexican border cast a dark sky which was pierced by some magnificent evening rays of light. The low light conditions created some fantastic atmospheric conditions, providing a perfect backdrop to shots of joggers, fisherman, and just those contemplating the vastness of the Pacific by the waters edge. For more formal photography, the distant headland north of San Diego provided some nice portraiture opportunities.

However, I couldn’t leave without some shots of the magnificent Hotel del Coronado. This is a Victorian beach resort which dates back to 1888. While we stayed in an accompanying annex with a more contemporary feel to it, it was impossible to escape the architectural majesty of this California Historical Landmark. As beach front properties go, this venue (which has been host to numerous U.S. Presidents) has everything you’d imagine of a coastal Californian get-away.


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