During one of the most enjoyable road trips I have taken across the U.S., I ended up in Nashville, Tennessee. I did take in some of the country music bars later that night, but not before I had managed to get some sunset images from across the Cumberland River. I was a little wary of the potential to be mugged, carrying so much camera equipment, but the wide open spaces of the Tennessee Titans’ NFL stadium made be more comfortable hanging about until after dark.

The one issue that I had with this setting was that the lack of a distinct foreground for a cityscape image. In such instances, the power of an image relies heavily on the available light, particularly if there are illuminated buildings or if the last throws of the sunset are in evidence. Long exposures can be useful in overcoming this problem, especially when reflections can be built into the image. For these downtown Nashville images, I used an exposure time varying between 5 and 13 seconds.


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