One of my favourite movies of all time is ‘Local Hero’; a film about an American oil executive from Houston who travels to, and falls in love with Scotland. This resonates with me, not just because I too find myself in Houston, but because of the soundtrack: it was written by Mark Knopfler and happens to be from an album which I have listened to since I was a young boy. In recent years I have sought out some of the filming locations; not just to say “I’ve been there”, but because of the natural beauty of this part of Scotland.

The filming locations are actually spread out across the breadth of Scotland, focusing mainly on the north east coast site at Pennan, and the west coast site at Camusdarach. It was fantastic fun finding these sites, and extremely fulfilling. More importantly, it gave me some great opportunities to photograph some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes. This image, at the fictional location of Ferness, was a 30 second exposure. As this was a daytime long exposure, I had to used an aperture of f/10 was used to limit the light captured by the lens.

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